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  Category:  Fingerprint T/A ,access control        Product Name:  mini fingerprint time and attendance FC-2015
Beautiful appearance with classical design. With its extremely low price, mature technology and brilliant design concept
Make fingerprint time attendance an affordable, stable and easy to learn solution to replace traditional card units in the world
arket. With the advantage of no installation and maintenance, it has become the most ideal unit for office time and attendance
anagement. The time has come
Office desktop system, easy installation and simple operation system
The smallest stand alone system with full functions
Up to date exquisite design and blue LCD
Philips industrial chip reliable performance
Stand alone excellent identification
USB communication
Several verification modes ID + password, ID and fingerprint only
Item descriptions
Sensor: optical sensor
LCD: 128 64 blue LCD Identification methods: 1, 1, 1 and N
Identification time: less than one second
Register method: fingerprint ID password
Scan area: 21 and 18mm
Resolution: 500dip
Fingerprint capacity: 512
Record capacity: 32,000
FRR: 0.001%
FAR: 0.00001%
Standard port: USB
Size: 160 x 130 x 90mm
Working current: 0.5A to 1.8A
Sleeping current: 0.5A
ESD tolerance: grester than 15,000V
Power input: 220V
Working voltage: 5V
Temperature/humidity: 10 to 60 degrees Celsius/20% to 80%
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