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  Category:  Access controller        Product Name:  32ARM TCP/IP 1 door CCTV-accessible industrial access controller(FC-3011-U)

This system is based on 32-bit high-speed intelligent ARM platform CPU. Pure TCP / IP high-speed communication, so that the communication speed of the system, the quality of communication and      real-time communication  are more optimized, more advanced.
Approachable Windows software interface,without professional knowledge instantly easy to master, safe, efficient, training easier;the embedded Web server, the browser can access  (B / S).
This device is a high cost of network access control device.
Designed for office buildings, offices, intelligent buildings, residential, factories,schools, banks, prisons, rooms, hotels, hospitals and other entrances control channel and the  introduction of networked access control system. As a friendly design it can work  with CCTV cameras,and support elevator controls,parking functions so on. With access control attendance, meeting attendance, fixed meals, anti-theft alarm card integrated management software to provide users with a straightforward and secure access control system solutions.
1,Whole integrative industrial-grade designs,
All functions are whole integrated, including hardware and software.
2,High-speed arithmetic circuit design
Adopt international top brands of high-end CPU, computing speed, even when tens of thousands of full  permissions.
3,Large-capacity nonvolatile memory design
Advanced similar U disk Flash memory technology, information is never lost. 4,Anti-crash circuit dongle and self-test circuit design
With Plenty of power  the circuit will automatically detect whether the system crash, if the opportunity to die in an instant intelligent automatic restart normal sensory.
5,Precision real-time rock crystal clock circuit design
6,Large load relay output circuit design
It can connect higher current loads besides locks.So it can be used more fields besides doors access controls .
7,Anti-misconnection circuit design
8,Use the latest development platforms fully compatible with Microsoft technologies.
Use advanced Microsoft and SQL database development environment, refused  non-Microsoft third-party plug-ins and technologies to ensure compatibility users to install the Microsoft operating system  most superior.
9,Approachable, easy to understand, efficient and convenient  interface
10,"WYSIWYG" custom report query and output print mode
WYSIWYG design concepts, the results of all queries can be printed directly, the result of the query is what the print on how to. You can define several common statements to query or print retention projects, arrange the print order of these projects and you can save custom report format for the next continued use. Many settings and reports can be exported to the relevant departments as quickly Exce format for reporting financial and other secondary development or submit references and references.
11,Fuzzy search function
By  (ctr + F) fast fuzzy search, the operator can quickly and easily find or filter out the required information.
12,With multi-functiions interfaces,
It can integrate with CCTV cameras ,elevator controls ,and can work as parking controllers and patrol functions.
For more info,Pls contact
Models in this range                           weight
FC-3011-U 1 door controller  boards.                         0.24kg
FC-3012-U 2 door controller boards                           0.28kg
FC-3014-U  4 door contoller boards                           0.32kg
Associated products.
P80  UPS  power box for controller boards.
FT-03  exit buttons.
FL-02 EM lock.
R1/R2/R3/R4/AW4R prox reader for the controllers .
Above is selections for TCP/IP control system,more selections,Pls contact
Technical Specifications
Power source   P80 DC12V
Consumption    70 Watts
User Capacity: 40,000  users.
Records offline storage capacity: 100,000 records storage
Communication: TCP / IP network communications 100M default communication
Door Control Output: single-door one relay outputs (10A)
          Two-door two relay output (10A)
         Four four relay outputs (10A)
IN/OUT way: card &button, or card&card
Reader agreement: wg26 ~ 40 bit protocol reader
External card reader quantity: single door [one pair] card reader, two-door [2 pairs] reader, four-door  [4] Reader
Magnetic input: single door 1 (dry contact input), two-door 2(dry contact input), four-door 4 (dry contact input)
Exit buttons : single door 1 (dry contact input), two-door 2 (dry contact input), four-door 4 (dry contact input)
Relay output delay: 1 to 600 seconds adjustable
The maximum number of units networked: Any
Board power consumption: 100mA (without load)
The maximum distance between the reader and  the controller; 100M
The maximum distance between the controller and  computer: based on  network coverage , in theory, no distance limitations
Built-in Web server, the browser can access the (B / S)
Support secondary development, DLL / packet / cell phone
Controllers provide the solution for powerful combinations of access control and alarm monitoring within off-line networks.
Controller fits any type of installations, up to 40,000 users, from single buildings to multiple sites spread over remote locations and linked via RS485, RS232 or TCP/IP.
The user-friendly Access software programs the system within a few minutes, from a non-dedicated PC. Access Software provides numerous access control and alarm monitoring features: expiry date for clubs, automatic activation, interlock between two doors, time zones, supervision, anti-passback, activity reports.
Each alarm input is programmable: operating mode (NO or NC), time zones, local reflex (activation of outputs according to input status). Specific alarms are triggered according to the number of unsuccessful attempts.
Whenever required, the data stored in the controllers is transferred to the computer and activity reports are printed. Each controller works independently and keeps its own database.
It can work  with CCTV cameras,and support elevator controls,parking functions so on. With access control attendance, meeting attendance, fixed meals, anti-theft alarm card integrated management software to provide users with a  secure access control system solutions.

Power input    Power cord
Wiegand input  power cord.
To PC          RJ45 network cable.
Operating temperatue :-40℃-70℃
Humidity :       10-90 % RH,  No Condensation
Physical Dimensions :
External dimension : 273mm*228mm*65mm


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